Montana Jones

Montana n: A state of the northwest United States bordering on Canada. Admitted as the 41st state in 1889. The fourth largest state in the union, it includes vast prairies and numerous majestic mountain ranges.
Syn: Treasure State, Big Sky Country, Last Best Place.

Jones n: slang. An addiction or very deep craving.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

The coolest job in the world

My friend told me that I have the coolest job in the world. I pointed out some of my hassles; getting good staff, supply issues up the yang, last minute crises, lack of money in the checking account. My friend was still adamant, I have the coolest job in the world. Well appearances aren't everything, but I'm glad for the support.

After hemming and hawing about going on location vs. the million other chores before me I finally decided to just take the day and go do it. The time on the trail gives lots of time for thought. I thought about the money problems facing the business, I thought about the chores that were not getting done, I thought about the employees that were out of reach and still green at their jobs right now, I thought about how my partners ability to not ever stop talking is really annoying. Somehow I worked into a grumpy little funk.

When I got on location and looked around I found something that impressed me. My partner had the place in a flurry of activity. There was cleaning, repairing and all manner of organizing going on. After a rest and some food, (I was not expecting the soup, those people are doing good) my partner and I toured the place and talked business. We didn't discuss the neglected chores or the money problems or big issues. Instead we covered the little things, what was right there under our noses. I was very impressed with what I found. My partner was in her element there, doing the best work I have ever seen from her. Almost made me forget that I was mad at her for the way she handles our money.

After a couple hours I reversed course and hiked out, tossing thank you's at the people working as I departed. Without having lifted a finger to push a broom or carry water or shovel snow or clean a window I felt like everything getting done was my work. (Credit due to the partner of course.) It is a strange feeling to know that someone else's labor is my creation. My mind was much more peaceful now. The pack was lighter, the fields of glacier lilies were much more serene, the mountains looked a little more laid back than in the morning. As I hiked I started whistling and then singing. There were a few other people on the trail. A family stopped and asked me how much farther and I told them, I smiled and agreed with them that it was a beautiful place. As we parted it occurred to me that it was the work I was doing that allowed them to be there and enjoying themselves. It felt good to be the secret man behind the curtain for them. It is my job to hike this trail. It is my job to come to these mountains. I continued singing down the trail, humming to the trees and smelling the clean air. Okay, yeah. I have the coolest job in the world.

what exactly do you do? I'm jealous
And in the coolest place in the world.
Between your job and mine we would almost have the perfect combination.

Only way it could be better for me is if it was in Hawaii.
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