Montana Jones

Montana n: A state of the northwest United States bordering on Canada. Admitted as the 41st state in 1889. The fourth largest state in the union, it includes vast prairies and numerous majestic mountain ranges.
Syn: Treasure State, Big Sky Country, Last Best Place.

Jones n: slang. An addiction or very deep craving.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Visiting Helena

What building is that?
That's the civic center. They put on plays and concerts and stuff there.
And they have a giant phallus on the roof.
[Laughs] Yeah, Helena has a lot of phallic symbols.
Is that because of the capitol and all the state politics going on here?
Could be. The one that bugs me the most is this one for Carroll College up here on the corner.
I see what you mean. It looks like the civic center wins for length but Carroll College has better girth.
A phallus for every taste.
But did the girl show you the big Bullwhacker??
Ladies and gentlemen, I am touching the beast!
My student loan money is helping pay for the CC phallus :)
cc monolith totally does not look like a phallus. you are all just pervs. civic center on the other hand...
I agree with keith...
DANG IT!! I missed a Jones visit. That is what I get for [not] getting a life. Been busy here lately, I will have to work up the monster of all blogs to explain it all.
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