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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Choose irony

Anyone else see the irony in the Snyder Drug conflagration?

Snyder drug is using a pro choice argument to support their limiting the choices of others. Counts as ironic don't you think?

My understanding is that the law allows Snyder Drug to make the choice that they have. It makes an interesting thought exercise to ponder what if licensed pharmacies were required to sell all legal medications. In that scenario the pro-choice groups would be limiting Snyder Drugs choices. That would be even more ironic.

The saving graces here are the choices available to everyone in the community. Currently everyone is free to choose their own morals. As it should be. Patients now get to choose other pharmacies and those pharmacies are allowed to choose their own product line. Everyone still has their freedom. The danger is on the slippery slope. It is within the realm of possibility that every pharmacy in town could choose to not sell oral contraceptives. I think this is unlikely, but it is possible and it would create a serious issue whereby the morals and choices of all would be controlled by a few. But defending against this particular slippery slope involves removing freedom of choice from the pharmacy. An equally dangerous slippery slope in the other direction. Let's not go there either, okay.

I think the status quo is about right on this issue. All parties still have all their choices available to them. Snyder Drug has publicly come out as part of the anti-women crowd and their customer demographic will change accordingly. The pro choice group has done the appropriate red flag waving and noise making about the dangerous slippery slope in the community. We all have had an interesting issue to take sides on and enjoy bickering over. And I got a chuckle about some irony.

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