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Montana n: A state of the northwest United States bordering on Canada. Admitted as the 41st state in 1889. The fourth largest state in the union, it includes vast prairies and numerous majestic mountain ranges.
Syn: Treasure State, Big Sky Country, Last Best Place.

Jones n: slang. An addiction or very deep craving.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Spreading the meme

Wulfgar is looking for a best of Montana web.

I believe he has taken up an ambitious project. Please hop over there and give the answers he needs. Here are my votes, feel free to emulate me.

  1. Best Montana Political Website (Websites relating or dealing with primarily political content).
  2. Politics makes me angry. I have no favorites here. I won't even try to vote for Nader this time around.

  3. Best Lifestyle Website.
  4. There are many contenders for this one. I think I need to cast my vote for: Thoughts from the Middle of Nowhere

    1. Most Exemplifies a Montana Lifestyle.
    2. I am still coming to terms with what a "Montana Lifestyle" is but my vote shall go to: Karbon Kounty Moos

    3. Best Culture Website.
    4. Montana Radio Cafe

    5. Best Pop-Culture Website.
    6. With no hesitation... BAH WEEP GRAHNA WEEP NINNY BON

  5. Most Web Gravitas (Best Read) Website.
  6. mtpolitics

    1. Best Website For Montana News (not an online newspaper, or presentation thereof).
    2. No opinion/No vote

    3. Best Website For Montana Photos.
    4. GNP webcams.

    5. Best Website For Montana Tales and Stories.
    6. No opinion/No vote

    7. Most Informative Website About Montana And Montana Concerns.
    8. I don't know if this is the best category for Sarpy Sam, but he has made me informed about ranching and cattle issues, he is a good read, and he deserves a spot on a best of Montana list. Thoughts from the Middle of Nowhere.

  7. Most Humorous Montana Website.
  8. A Secular Franciscan Life

  9. Best Montana Media Website (specifically dedicated to providing news and information).
  10. I am going with the City Lights portion of the Billings Gazette

    1. Best Online Newspaper.
    2. Great Falls Tribune
      (Mainly because the Billings Gazette, the Whitefish Pilot, The Interlake, and The Hungry Horse News all use the same horrible web template.)

    3. Best Online Media Sponsored Website.
    4. Montana Forum

    5. Best Online Magazine.
    6. New West Network

  11. Best State Run Website.
  12. Not exactly state run, it is federal, but... Glacier National Park

    1. Most Useful State Website.
    2. No opinion/No vote

  13. Most Helpful Montana Website.
  14. Montana gas prices

  15. Most Historical Montana Website.
  16. Montana Nuggets.

  17. Best Montana Community Website. (Community Websites are those that allow multiple posters or content providers.)
  18. Cragslist

  19. Most Missed Montana Website Not Being Updated Or On Hiatus.
  20. The Monkey Cage

  21. Best Personal Montana Website (Relating to and about the individuals personal life).
  22. (Vote for me... Vote for me...) I however will not vote for myself, I am voting for the Revolving Duck.

  23. Montana Survivor; Website you'd most like to be voted off the mountains (try to be nice, here).
  24. Dirt Between Light Bulbs

  25. And Finally, The Montana Website You Would Choose To Read Everyday.
  26. (If Craig would only post everyday.)

Bonus polling, just for fun:

I: Best Montana College Football Team.

II: Best Montana Highschool Football Team.

III: Favorite NFL Football Team.

IV: Best Montana College Basketball Team.

V: Best Montana Highschool Basketball Team.

VI: Favorite NBA Basketball Team.

VII: Best Montana Sports Hero Of All Time.

VIII: Best Montana Politician of All Time.

I know nothing of sports, I will abstain from the bonus polling. I will however add an honorable mention list of categories that Wulfgar overlooked.

Blog hottie I would most like to go dancing with:
Me & You & Everyone We Know

Most amusing source of time wasting web surfing:
Half Nekkid Thursday

Best Montana Poet:

Most exemplifies a Montana Lifestyle - Urban category. (Similar to the lifestyle choice above)
Hollywood & Montana

Thank you very much for your responses. They have been logged.

(And I coudln't agree more with HNT. I read Osbasso everyday ... except Thursdays. I'm not payed to only work 4 days a week ...)
Thanks for the kind words.

I wish I could post every day, too, but life seems to have other plans for me right now.
Jones, I didn't see this before. I'm flattered, we can go dancing anytime you'd like.
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