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Friday, February 10, 2006

The biggest fastest sports team you never heard of

So how many world champions can there be on one team?

Here in the USA we recently had a big world championship contest and the winning team, The Pittsburgh Steelers, had a roster of 63 people. That's a lot of world champions. But only if you count the countries that play American football as the entire world. Some of those guys can run pretty fast too. But it is unusual to measure football players in miles per hour.

The US Winter Olympic Team is about to take the field in Italy and their roster counts an impressive 292 athletes. Winning certainly does make a world champion. They can go fast too. Some of those downhill skiers can reach speeds over 80 miles per hour.

But there is a bigger and faster sports team with more world champions than an Olympic team. Jones, I can hear you asking, just what sports team could possibly be bigger, faster and create more genuine world champions than an Olympic team?

The largest sports team ever has over 400 athletes from over 40 countries. They perform at speeds over 120 miles per hour and all 400 of them must work and move together as one. Their contest will be won or lost in less than 90 seconds. They do not compete against each other but instead must work together to overcome obstacles of skill, culture and communication. They are a team that fosters international cooperation, understanding and goodwill around the world.

They are called The World Team and not only did they just set an incredible new record. Making world champions out of all of them. They are planning on outdoing themselves again very soon.

That is absolutely incredible...

and the view of that first photograph almost made me lose my breakfast.*gulp*
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