Montana Jones

Montana n: A state of the northwest United States bordering on Canada. Admitted as the 41st state in 1889. The fourth largest state in the union, it includes vast prairies and numerous majestic mountain ranges.
Syn: Treasure State, Big Sky Country, Last Best Place.

Jones n: slang. An addiction or very deep craving.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I'm a big believer in selfishness. I think that if everyone was selfish and watched out for their own interests then everyone's interests would be watched out for.
I hate to break it to you. You are not selfish. You haven't been selfish to me.
I disagree. When I am nice to you it is because I enjoy it or it makes me feel good. I'm not nice to you because of how it makes you feel. I am nice to you because of how it makes me feel. That's selfish.
I'm still not buying it. I don't think you are selfish.