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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sledding hill snow report

Greetings winter fun enthusiasts, this is Montana Jones with your sledding hill snow report.

Conditions have been deteriorating on sledding hill with temperatures rising up to freezing several times during the past week resulting in sloppy melting conditions. Top of the hill has a base of two inches of packed and icy snow and the bottom of the hill also has a base of two inches packed.

The main 'big run with the bump' has been worn down to bare grass and dirt and is no longer useful for sledding. There is no snow making planned for the run at this time. Ten feet to the south on the 'other big run', the one without the bump, conditions are icy and fast. Get on this one while you can as grass is starting to show through the thin layer of ice and packed snow.

To the north end of sledding hill on the shorter 'kiddy run' there is still a good layer of slick ice and snow. This part of the hill is smaller but the sledding is still fine. We have had reports from near the base of kiddy run of some dirty snow conditions. Miss Penny Rothchild has claims the cause of this condition is "dog doo". Young miss Rothchild has gone on to blame Joey Birchman saying "That stupid dog of his just runs all over the hill and digs and gets in everyone's way and Joey doesn't do anything about it and doesn't clean up after it or nothin'."

On the southern end of sledding hill several youngsters are reported to be doing their sledding down the 'climb up spot' and other less than ideal fringe locations. Mr Johnny Richman explains "It's because that one little girl tries to climb back up the sledding run, sometimes she just stands at the bottom and cries like a baby until her dad comes down to pull the sled back up. So we gotta go down the climb up spot. It's a little bumpy but it's still fun."

There have also been reports of yellow snow near the telephone pole at the top of the climb up spot. Joey Birchman denies that his dog has anything to do with it. For once Penny Rothchild agrees with him. She thinks that Joey himself is to blame.

Penny also wanted to add for the record "Someone should make those teenagers pick up their litter too. They can't ever put their pop cans in the trash and they are too old to be playing on sledding hill anyway."

That is your sledding hill snow report for the week. We are expecting some warmer temperatures, rain and possible light snow for the upcoming week, hopefully this will solve the yellow snow problem.

Happy sledding.

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I enjoyed reading about the sledding hill. No snow in Dallas :(
what does big mountain look like?
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