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Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Presidents Day

Dear President Bush,

Happy Presidents Day!

Yes, it is that time of year again. That joyous occasion for sending Presidents Day cards, eating chocolate presidents heads, and pretending for one day out of the year that we actually like our relatives and our president. Did you get my card? I sent it the other week to make sure it would get to you in time. It's the red one with white lace that says "I [heart] president" on it. For some reason all the cards at the store were red and frilly with hearts and stuff so I had to write "president" with my black magic marker. That black smudge down in the corner is where I censored out the little naked kid trying to shoot your heart with an arrow. I didn't want you to think I was sending a terrorist threat or anything. It really wasn't the best choice of cards for you but my selection was limited. I'm sure this is just an oversight by the Hallmark Company and next year we will get better, more patriotic Presidents Day cards.

I know a lot of people that completely forget about this holiday until they discover they have a three day weekend. Then they usually blow it by getting drunk on Sunday night and don't bother to send you so much as a thank you note for all your hard work. In fact I remember having a conversation last year with someone I thought was super intelligent, she had a Ph.D. and everything. Not only did she not celebrate Presidents Day or send you a thank you note, but she didn't even vote. Can you believe it? Some smartypants trying to tell me that voting was a waste of time because there is no way to know what a candidate will do or who they will represent once in office. My friend said that politics was so rife with dishonesty and hypocrisy and that every candidate would go back on their promises, lie and screw up somehow. She said there was no point to voting because no matter whom you vote for you still get a screw up that wont represent you in Washington.

To be honest, I didn't vote for you either. But at least I did my patriotic duty. Besides, I think she might be right; Ralph Nader would probably have screwed up just as bad as you have, just in different ways is all. If only Ross Perot would run again. But hey, Presidents Day is a good day to put all that behind us.

So best of luck to you in convincing people to believe you when you give speeches and stuff. Since it is your big holiday and all I hope you get to take a break from all the politics and screwing up that you do. You can count on me to keep reminding people to send Presidents Day cards and to do their patriotic duty of voting. I hate to think of what would happen if we put the wrong screw up in office.

Happy Presidents Day and don't forget...

I [heart] president.

Montana Jones

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