Montana Jones

Montana n: A state of the northwest United States bordering on Canada. Admitted as the 41st state in 1889. The fourth largest state in the union, it includes vast prairies and numerous majestic mountain ranges.
Syn: Treasure State, Big Sky Country, Last Best Place.

Jones n: slang. An addiction or very deep craving.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Camera? Check.

Some mornings I need a checklist to get out the door.

Backpack? check.
Camera? check.
Bear spray? check.
Briefcase? check.
Sandals? check.

I gather each item into my arms for the short trip down to my vehicle. I juggle my bundles and burdens into my left arm so I have one hand free for navigating through the doors and locks. There are more gyrations as I grab a forgotten wristwatch from the closet and clench it in my teeth.

Out the front door I am able to single-handidly lock up behind me. At the top step of the stairway I feel my load shift. I hear something thump to the ground. I recognize it instantly as it bounces down the first steps. My camera.

It had leapt from its holster and was now making an unprotected escape down the stairs. I was helpless, my bundle of stuff weighing me down, preventing me from rushing to the rescue. I can only watch it bounce and I wince with distress as it tumbles away.

Thump, "Oooh", thump, "ooh", thump, "ooh", thump, "ooh." I moan through my teeth at each bounce.

Feeling lucky that I only hear thumps and not the sound of breaking glass, I retrieved the camera at the bottom and make my way to the car where my burdens get dumped into the trunk. I inspect for damage.

Not so bad really. It works. What more do you need?

So far in its life this camera has been dropped on cement sidewalks, dropped on rocks, dropped in streams, dropped in snow and has now bounced down a flight of stairs. It is still hanging in pretty well. The viewscreen has a crack through it. It is covered with bashes, nicks and scratches. Yet it can still take a pretty good picture.

Loose the lens cap on the trail… Check.

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My camera has a very distinctive driveway dent on the one corner...I think there's a bit of Glacier dirt in it too. Makes it mine. I'm coming home soon; can't wait to be in "my park".
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