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Friday, January 13, 2006

Three Wishes

The Chad has tagged me.
The meme is three wishes. What would you wish for if the genie were to pop out of a lamp and grant some wishes. Unlike The Chad I have not thought much about this until now. It took some serious head scratching but I finally came up with three things I would wish for.

Wish one: A save point.
You know how in many games there is a quick save button. Hit your save button and that point in the games is saved. Then if you get into trouble down the road you can always restart the game from that point. It is a technique that lets you look into the future and tells you which of your decisions are bad ones and where the trouble lies ahead for you. You get a do-over in tight spots.

I wish for a magic button of some sort that would allow me to set save points in real life. Then if I find out after the fact that I fucked up somehow I can go back and make better decisions. That would be sweet.

Wish two: I want to be more of a people person
Okay, not really, I am generally happy with the disposition I have. However there are times when different personality traits would be useful. Sometimes a charismatic people personality can solve problems that a geeky intellect cannot. I wish I had some sort of personality remote control box that would allow me to tweak who I am for any given circumstance. Going out on the town I could push the 'life of the party' button. When learning something I could push the 'quiet and focused' button. There would be controls for adjusting between emotional and logical, people and things, serious and light hearted. Instead of being stuck with the personality I have and making it fit in places where I am not at my best I could make some conscious decisions about the sort of personality to use.

I know I could control my own behavior without such a box. I could be like an actor portraying the outgoing people person. However, deep down inside we are all just who we are. Pretending to be something you are not is hard work and there is very much a difference between a genuine people person that actually cares about connecting with others and the imposter that is only doing it for show.

Using a personality control I suppose there is a danger of loosing your true self somewhere. I have not really thought through the ramifications very much. It could be that living life with a different personality, even for a little while, could cause me to lose interest in some of the hobbies and pursuits that I have enjoyed for most of my life. Generalizing a little here, but I would say that life of the party types do not enjoy spending late nights with computers crunching code much in the same way that nerds have an awkward time of socializing over cocktails. The real wish here is to gain one without loosing the other. Perhaps a little vague and contradictory for the genie in the bottle.

My third wish. My most highly impossible wish of all. I wish I could understand women.

I would like to tag anyone currently suffering writers block. Your assignment is to blog your three wishes.

Very interesting choices. I wonder if even a Genie could grant the third wish, though. Unless it would simply grant you the luxury of knowing there is a completely different approach to our male "point and click" simplistic reality. I wonder...
Terrific first wish. I don't know how many times I have thought 'if I could only go back to that point and do something different'.

I can completely get on board with your third wish too - I would love to be able to understand men. I have been told that women are complicated and men are simple and when we try to make you all complicated we get confused. Hmm...
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