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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Apache 2.2 and PHP

Non geeks may disregard this post.

If you are setting up a new installation of Apache with PHP4 on the win32 platform (could apply to other platforms as well, I'm not sure) you need to be aware of an undocumented issue.

The PHP4 module for Apache is compiled for Apache 2.0 and will not work on Apache 2.2. Google will point you to a workaround dll but it did not fix anything for me.

It is my understanding that PHP5 has a working module, it is only PHP4 that is messed up. My recommendation is to not bother with Apache 2.2 if you need PHP4. Stick with Apache 2.0 until the good people at PHP can release a compatible module dll.

I hope this tiny nugget of info will save someone from the hours of hair pulling I went through.

On most other platforms, you could just compile from source. ;)
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