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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I didn't do it for the money

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"I didn't want to start this company," said Wozniak, known in Silicon Valley simply as "Woz." "My goal wasn't to make a ton of money. It was to build good computers."

Sounds nice doesn't it. Altruistic. It's not about the money. It's about passion and love and the getting rich part was an afterthought. A side effect. A fairy tale ending to his story.

The story caught my eye because I am in the same boat. No, I am not a rich computer geek that wanted to do what I love. I am a poor businessman that wanted to do what I love. Prior to my move to Montana I had a fairly lucrative job performing internet geekery. I made good money. Perhaps not rolling in bathtubs of money sort of good, but comfortably well off at the least. Then I had an opportunity to do something I love. I went for it.

My story does not read like Mr. Wozniak's. Not everyone who follows their heart gets the fairy tale ending. I am not likely to accidentally change the world. I am not creating a product that will bring in a ton of money. In fact I am facing some financial challenges I have not had to deal with since my youth. I am the opposite of wealthy. I can't buy the things I want, not even a few things that I need. I have bankers and lenders telling me my money is no good. Like the cliché I know that money isn't everything. But having it is a lot easier than not having it.

It can be fun and inspiring to hear how someone did a thing for love and became wealthy for it. Fairy tales are cool. You never hear the stories of someone doing something they love and becoming poor for it. My story is not over yet, there is plenty of hard work to be done. There is still a chance for fairy tales. I hope I don't come to regret following my heart.

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